Know UsOur Company History

The Company’s early years of operation were mainly on Life Assurance Business and the General Insurance Branch was merely set up to cater for the General Insurance Business of Life Policy Holders. This trend changed in 1953 when a full General Insurance Branch status was given to East Africa.

The expansion of business in East Africa brought about the opening of a Branch Office in Kampala and Dar-es-salaam in 1958 and 1959 respectively and the eventual construction of Prudential Assurance Building on Wabera Street, Nairobi which was opened on 7th October 1959.

Following tax changes on Retirement Annuity Contracts, which reduced savings on Tax to a large section of the Business Community in the early seventies (70’s), Long Term Life Assurance business investment naturally became affected and quite a number of Composite Insurance Companies ceased to underwrite Life Assurance Business. Prudential ceased to write Life Business on 1st April 1974 with the General Insurance Branch remaining to grow

Who We Are 

On 1st January 1980, The Prudential Assurance Company Ltd ceased to write any business in Kenya and Prudential Assurance Company of Kenya Ltd was incorporated to take over all General Insurance Business and the existing policies issued by the Prudential – United Kingdom. The Local Company having taken over from a solid base continued to grow and moved from Prudential Assurance Building to Yaya Centre in March 1990. On 1st January 1991, the Company became a wholly owned Kenyan Company in keeping with the growing trend in the Kenyan economy and changed its name to First Assurance Company Limited. The Company’s Shareholders are well known Businessmen in Kenya who are determined to continue with the excellent and proven policies of the Prudential. The Shareholders of the Company are conscious of the fact that the strength of Insurance Company is not judged by profitability solely. Accordingly the paid up capital of the Company has been increased steadily and now stands at Kshs. 310million which makes us one of the best capitalised General Insurers in Kenya.

Our Vision

To be the Preferred and Trusted Provider of Insurance and Integrated Financial Services

Our Mission

To provide Assurance and Quality Services for all Insurable Financial and Social expectations that create and add Value for all Stakeholders

Core Value

Respects - We respect and value those we work with.
Integrity - We are fair and truthful in what we do.
Service - We insure that our customer needs are met.
Efficiency - We endeavor to offer the most Efficient service to our customer.
& Security - we Guarantee customer financial security.